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My name is B. Scott, author, producer, script writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

​In here is a premiere collection of stories featuring the weird, the horrific, the bittersweet...and more.

​​It's all borne from my twisted mind...searching the caverns of imagination for fresh, new, sometimes shocking storylines.

I dare not do this for the hell of it.

Oh no.​​​​ 

It's not like that at all.​​

Let me take you back in time for a second or two.

In the year 2000, life pushed my family and I into darkness when we lost mom due to septic infection brought on by primary progressive multiple sclerosis.​​​​​​

The bittersweet experience of being with her in her last moments...telling stories to one another (i.e. our best memories together) proved quite emotional.

​​She left right in the middle of a story I didn't get to finish telling...our favourite story.

So, after grieving and honoring her memory, I picked up the pen and wrote.  The blessing of ​​​​​​​words danced on paper in the form of stories.  I kept writing and discovered "unconventional, deviant" ways to transition out of darkness (from losing her) and into the light of acceptance and moving forward.

I chronicled a means to heal and live. From this, I discovered purpose: to start and finish media rich stories and give them to the world before the flash of this life dims. 

Here are some stories to illustrate:​​

​​Try: Hallway
- a story of horror!

Try: Look Out of Your Window- A bitter-sweet story

​​​​Whisper -a story of light

​​You will find each story is its own unique creature, intent on giving you, dear reader, a truly unique reading experience.

​​Maybe you will feel something...maybe remember it...maybe ponder it...who knows?

Whatever your experience, do explore and discover.

It's why I write.​​​​

Scroll down to see what I mean.

Namaste, friend.


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