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​Welcome to TheDeviant Chronicles

Enjoy A Sensory Rich Reading Experience Like No Other -

Where Stories Take You On A Journey Through

​​Horror, The Bittersweet.. And Tow
ard Light​​!


My name is B. Scott.

​​So glad you could join me

​​Did you know that your search for a full sensory experience with fiction has ended...and begun?

Before I explain what I mean, let me take you back in time  to share with you why this experience has been developed for you.

In the year 2000, life pushed my family and I into darkness when we lost mom due to septic infection brought on by primary progressive multiple sclerosis.​​​​​​

The bittersweet experience of being with her in her last moments...telling stories to one another (i.e. our best memories together) proved quite emotional. The moment she passed on was even more heart-breaking, she left right in the middle of the story I didn't get to finish.

​​From that point, she was free of pain, struggle, physical limitation and went into the light.

Fast forward 10 years later.

I picked up the pen and wrote. All skills from my college days flooded back and spilled onto every page.​​

The blessing of ​​​​​​​words danced on paper in the form of stories. 

Settling on one genre did not happen.

So I kept writing and discovered "unconventional, deviant" ways to experience the transition out of darkness and into light. I do this by writing horrific stories, then bitter sweet stories, and ultimately stories of love and light; it somehow worked...and it worked well. Soon after, a realization hit me. I was chronicling a means to heal and live.

When alive, ​mom loved to read and she was a master of the written word by teaching us about it when we were young.

Representing her influence is a subplot on this website.​​​​​​​​​​  Above that, my purpose is to finish stories before the flash of this life dims. Providing a medium for your eyes and senses is an absolute honor.

Maybe you are going through something that is taking you from darkness to loving light. Or perhaps you have experienced it in a totally different way, at a different time.

Should you decide to walk aside me in this journey, I welcome you wholeheartedly.​​​​

Sign up today and join me in my chase to finish stories, breathe life into them, make them "real" and give you reason to pause and enjoy.​​​​

Can you see how your search for a full sensory experience with fiction has ended...and begun?​​

You are graciously invited to ​scroll down this webpage or click on a title you wish to sample below:​​​​

​​Try:  Hallway- a story of horror!

Try: Look Out of Your Window- A bitter-sweet story

Try: ​​​​Whisper -a story of light

See one by clicking on each title above or scroll down to see each one listed below...​​
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