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The age of this wooden mini-mansion proved an incredible barrier to any young investor. But to Ted, it became the steal of a lifetime. While walking the grounds of this dilapidated structure, Ted explored with the eagerness of a child in a toy store.

  An unnatural scene of knee high grass, trash and debris scattered throughout the front yard dissuaded the slighted acknowledgment from any passersby. And the half rotted porch steps commanded their own warning; should you place one foot here, injury or worse would be your prize.

  Ted somehow hopped all around it and managed to walk inside.  His feet raced him up the wooden spiral staircase as if someone pushed him. The ancient design of steps creaked and moaned its own unheeded warning.

  The attic was the prize...something inside it promised a message. Was it riches? Something of immense value to be sold off? Ancient wisdom possibly? Rumour had it that something truly life changing stood restless within its walls, eager to be claimed. No one dared approach because of this mansion's condition.

  The lure within that attic held him in indescribable suspense.

  Moreover, his low investment with a high probability of a massive payout drove his interests.

  The payout proved unclear for many others because "flipping this mansion thing" would involve a small fortune in renovation.

  That project alone would take a thousand times his salary to sustain, but he insisted on buying the lien anyway, in spite of what he knew going in. The timing was perfect to secure the lien for five whole dollars in a little known bidding war he attended.

  The moment he won, Ted paid for it and signed the paperwork. And the neglected portions of the acquisition process were rendered null. An argument persisted before he could leave. But, he knew this was a completely legal transaction. The seller soon realized the irrevocable nature of the transaction and raised his hands in surrender.

  The house was his. All legalities be damned. This whole effort centered on the promises secretly held within the attic of the property.

  After catching his breath at the top of the stairwell, his thoughts settled. But a nagging question popped up. more....

Radiating Echoes  by B.Scott​​
Copyright 2014 

    My name is B. Scott, author, producer, script writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    ​Deviant Chronicles Horror is my creation of a premiere collection of stories featuring horror, the weird, the bittersweet, the edgy...and more.  The reason for this might surprise you.

    In the year 2000, life pushed my family and I into darkness when we lost mom due to septic infection brought on by primary progressive multiple sclerosis.​​​​​​​
    The bittersweet experience of being with her in her last moments...telling stories to one another (i.e. our best memories together) proved quite emotional.

    ​​She left right in the middle of a story I didn't get to finish telling...our favourite story.

    So, after grieving and honoring her memory, I picked up the pen and wrote.  
    ​I kept writing and chronicled "unconventional, deviant" ways to transition out of the horror(of losing her) and into the light of acceptance and moving forward.  ​​These deviant chronicles became a means to heal and live.

    ​​From this, I discovered purpose: to start and finish media rich stories and give them to the world before the flash of this life dims.

    Here are some Deviantly Chronicled stories to illustrate:​​

    ​​Try: Hallway- a story of horror!

    Try: Look Out of Your Window- A bitter-sweet story

    ​Try: ​​​​Whisper -a story of light

    ​​You will find each story is its own unique creature, intent on giving you a truly unique reading experience.

    ​​Maybe you will feel something...maybe remember it...maybe ponder it...maybe nothing at all...but something deviant exposed itself.

Sponsored By  Friedrich Imagines, Ltd.​
Shock Vault
B. Scott, Author
    Welcomes you to the
    Horror Story

About Writing A Horror Story 

  When people contemplate writing a horror story, they reflect on the impressions left in their minds after reading a horror story. The truth of the matter is that these activities are worlds apart. If you are really attempting to create a horror story by simply feeling the emotions and writing about them, there are some definite preparations you must make in order to accomplish this goal.

  This book will go into the passage that will lead to writing a horror story effectively and will serve as a guide to brief you for a heightened level of effective writing success. There are some things one should prepare before trying to write a horror story.

  So before writing a horror story, you first should assess and verify writing horror is an appropriate choice for you.

  Following are questions you should ask yourself:

  Would you deliberately live in a creepy environment and document your experience?

  (This really sets a psychological and emotional tone within you. This is a good place to be when writing.)

  If not ready to live and experience something of that nature, would you instead read about a creepy environment and document your experience, etc.?

  Would you take notes about what you honestly and truly felt and thought?

  If your reply was "yes" to these specific questions then most likely writing a horror story is the perfect match for your personality type and congratulations for taking that first step toward accomplishing your goals by reading this series!

  Before we dive into what is normally required to prepare for writing a horror story, we will hone in on some preparatory steps that everyone should consider before getting started. After all, writing a horror story truly is a journey - a journey of the body, spirit and mind. It is common sense that you prepare for a passage before taking that first step.

  Following are some tips on preparation to get you started:

  1 - Researching an urban legend

  Researching an urban legend is something that everyone looking to write a horror story should do. If you are acclimated to researching an urban legend, when it comes time to train to write a horror story, this will be second nature which is what you need.

  2 - Research ghost case studies

  An important part of the discipline that is required to prepare for writing a horror story involves research ghost case studies. When you research ghost case studies, it allows you to be in the best frame of mind for all the preparations that are integral in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of writing a horror story.

  3 - Imagining an original horror idea

  One of the most colossal errors that people make when it comes to preparing to write a horror story is crashing on this important consideration. If you do not consciously imagining an original horror idea, it will be next to impossible to succeed. That is how conditional success is on imagining an original horror idea. If you do not know how to imagine an original horror idea, then keep soaking in these pages because we will explore that in this series!

  As you can imagine, writing a horror story involves considerably more than just one day getting up to say, "hey, I am going to write a horror story." Perhaps that is the first step, however in order to really gain any level of success when it comes to writing a horror story, you must prepare and enable yourself to thrive with the preparations.

    ​​Writing A Horror Story - A Look Back

  You likely already know that you are not the first person in the human race that has the goal of writing a horror story.  In fact, there are millions of people all over the place that want to also train to write a horror story.  The real truth is that only some determined people will take the time to prepare and do it.

  You have already asked yourself "would you deliberately live in a creepy environment?"  There is a logical purpose as to why you had to ask yourself this question.  People that answered no to this question will be completely unable to even take the first stride to actually make writing a horror story a reality.

  You already also asked the question "would you instead read about a creepy environment, and record your emotions and thoughts?"  You would not have gotten to this point in this book if you had answered no to that question.  The reality is that it takes a certain type of person to want to do something, and a completely different person to actually do it.

  That is awesome for being the personality type that gets going as opposed to sitting around and constantly thinking about it.  Looking back in history, it can be said that people who have attempted to write a horror story and failed in their endeavor probably did not truly brief their body, spirit and mind.  By asking yourself the initial questions to see if you are of the right mindset to write a horror story all the way to the very end of the line, you already have a clue of what is needed to make it to the end.

  Writing a horror story has a very emotional and thoughtful aspect to it, believe it or not yet any activity that you take the time to prepare for in advance will produce a better outcome.  It is like the power of your will bring you to a successful outcome.

  If you evaluate people who have thrived in writing a horror story either in recent times, or going back in time as far as you want to go, you will notice one thing mutually shared among those who have succeeded.  They had awareness of what was required to prepare before they dove in, and they understood what sort of person is likely to succeed.  When you know what type of person it takes to really write a horror story, and you know that is your personality type, there is nothing that will block the path between you and your effective success!

  Don't think of reading a horror story.  Writing a horror story requires someone to be weird, determined and hard-working.

  Do you think you are weird, determined and hard-working?  

  If so, now we are equipped to investigate the steps involved with writing a horror story so that we can begin realizing our effective future success.

  Just remember, imagining an original horror idea is one of the core necessities to succeed.  At any time when your mind communicates that writing a horror story is something maybe you are unable to do, keep in mind that someone who is imagining an original horror idea will be able to manage the negative thoughts and keep their eyes on the prize.  Let's go into what we need to do for preparation now that we have our minds in the right place!

Writing A Horror Story - Step by Step

  Now that you know what sort of person it takes to effectively write a horror story, in addition to the character traits that an individual who wants to train to write a horror story would require, we can get on our way with the essential ​steps of
  ​what we need to do.

  Undoubtedly, the first piece of the puzzle is making certain that you are outlining the plot.  This is so imperative to making certain that you are ready to write a horror story.  It is easy to think about outlining the plot like this: no one can feasibly train to write a horror story without outlining the plot.  It is completely impossible - that is how imperative this part of the process is.

    ​​​....Read More....​​​​

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